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Product Specifications

Conductor Construction: Is soft drawn bare copper meeting the requirements of ASTM specifications B-3 and B-8. Gauge sizes 18 thru 8 have stranded conductors.

The insulation is of high quality polyvinylchloride (PVC) for systems applications of up to 150 volts and conductor temperatures up to 60 C.

Application: Suitable for use in direct burial landscape and lighting applications, low voltage landscape lighting systems.

Conductor: Soft drawn bare copper ( ATMS specs B-3 and
B-8 ). Stranded—18awg thru 8awg

Insulation: Polyvinylchloride (PVC)

Temperature: 60 C

Voltage: 150 v

Cold Bend: The insulation shall not show any cracks when sample is bent around a 3x mandrel after being subjected to -25 C for four hours. Sunlight Resistant for outdoor lighting

Sunlight Resistant for Outdoor Lighting

Super Flex Low Voltage Cable is manufactured for the purpose of direct burial landscape and lighting applications.


All orders subject to a shipping tolerance of +/- 10% of the original quantity purchased.


Conductor Size Stranding Insulation Wall (mils) Download Spec Sheet
18 16/20 .045 18-2
16 26/30 .045 16-2
14 41/30 .045 14-2
12 65/30 .045 12-2
10 105/30 .045 10-2
8 165/30 .060  

Super Flex Wire - Enhanced Landscape Lighting Cable
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